About Us

Chabad Jewish Center of Toms River is dedicated to increasing the awareness, knowledge and tradition of Judaism in the Ocean County area. Its purpose is to reach out to all, regardless of age, affiliation or level of observance. Chabad extends a welcoming hand to all and has established contact with families in towns and counties lying well outside of established Jewish areas. We overlook no one and will go anywhere to help another. We have successfully stimulated Jewish activity in areas often overlooked by other organizations.

Chabad offers education, but more importantly, it offers the opportunity to experience first-hand the vitality and relevance of Judaism as it is lived today. Participants experience the joy and celebration, the intimacy and compassion, the wisdom and knowledge that is inherent in Jewish life and learning.

Chabad is a full service organization responding to both the material and spiritual needs of the community. Through classes, counseling and celebrations, we will use whatever means necessary to bring the message of Judaism to children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Chabad is an energetic and effective adversary to the forces that threaten the continuity of Judaism. To this end, we have touched the lives of thousands of Jews. As we expand our efforts, we intend to touch thousands more.

Chabad gives people the opportunity to examine the foundation of their religion and to truly understand and experience the wellspring of Jewish life, tradition and culture. That wellspring is Judaism... unadulterated, unchanged, pure and true.

With real knowledge, individuals can make personal choices in an informed manner, based on truth...not interpretation or hearsay.

In a manner that is simultaneously intellectual and intimate, Chabad addresses all facets of Judaism from the rational, everyday aspects of physical existence to the emotional and mystical core of religious experience. Most importantly, Chabad is experiential. Our approach is to consistently combine the teaching of Torah with personal experience and to demonstrate the relevancy of Torah to everyday life.

While Jews are "People of the Book," Jewish life is dynamic, vibrant and alive. It is fun and joyous. It provides comfort and support through life's happy moments as well as its traumas and losses.

Chabad shares this genuine feeling of Judaism through Shabbat and Holiday meals, at picnics or group gatherings, in private counseling and tutoring sessions where intimacy and trust are born and nurtured.

Together, we can change ourselves, our community, and ultimately the whole world!