My Personal Victory

Monday, 6 May, 2013 - 10:35 am

My name is Meryl/Miriam Butler. For those of you who know me, you know my journey has been a long one. For those of you who don’t know me, I found Chabad Toms River 9 years ago. I was born to Jewish parents, but along my road of life I chose to practice Christianity for 35 years.

There is much to tell about my journey, but for the moment this gives you a quick background of where I was before Chabad. I have returned fully and totally committed to my Yiddish-kite and my Judaism and my G-d and Torah. This remarkable turnaround of course was the hand of Hashem, but the instruments that were to bring this about is of course “Chabad Toms River.” For nine years Chanie and Rabbi and many others have worked tirelessly and patiently to show me the beauty of who I am and where I belong. And most of all they showed me the remarkable blueprint for our lives which of course is Torah.

Every Jewish woman’s birthright is the gift of Torah and learning, a gift that will carry you through your life for good times, bad times and in-between times. The classes that are given by Chanie are a true inspiration and stronghold to our lives as women on an everyday basis as we journey through Judaism. We can apply them to our daily lives every single day. Why do I say this? Because just recently I have another amazing story to share with my sisters who are all the women of Chabad Toms River.

I am speaking of the amazing gift we have been given, the “Rosh Chodesh Society Learning Series.” This series is given on a monthly basis, and the classes are inspiring, spiritual and have daily application to our lives, what more can one ask for?

Now I can begin my story:

When I was practicing as a Christian I was taught about salvation and eternal life, those are the cornerstones of that religion. I was programmed to believe that only the Messiah of their faith can give you that gift. I believe we all want eternal life and salvation. Without that hope, life could be very dark and frightening, I know it was for me though I don’t scare easily.

Climbing this mountain to let go of the remnants of my past life has been very difficult. This has always been on my mind and coming back to me on a regular basis. I have had many learning sessions with the Rabbi and Chanie but still and yet I could not let go of such an important part of those teachings. I was climbing a mountain but I was not getting to the top, I kept falling down in this area.

The excitement of the Rosh Chodesh Society brought about my miracle.

But before I share the miracle I want to say I was anticipating this class with bated breath. I was so happy and filled with such joy that Chabad could offer this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow with other women together and journey to amazing places. I truly believe G-d meets us when our hearts and minds are open to his Torah which is our Torah!

Here I was left with the remains of a past life and also some friends of my past life. Some of those friends were not really happy about my return to Judaism. So every chance they could get they would try to discuss matters of such importance as salvation and eternal life, which would confuse me. I would always run from that subject, I was unsure of how to respond as a Jewess. I would call the Rabbi for confidence and for peace of mind.

Along comes the class that I was had been anticipating called “The Kabbalah of Sleep.” I learned amazing lessons in that class about who we are to G-d and how G-d loves us and takes care of us daily and especially when we sleep.

What was so profound is that I learned that we have salvation on a daily basis, a renewal that happens at night when we sleep. G-d actually takes a part of our soul up to heaven and cleanses us. Imagine that, we have a new beginning daily, we are born again on a daily basis, and have salvation with G-d as a Jew, every single day!

Well, the next time my so-called-friends called me, I was prepared. I told them what I had learned, that as a Jewess, I was granted salvation from G-d every single day, I was not confused, I was clear, and I was proud! They had no response, and they will never bring it up again.

This was just the first class of the series, imagine what the rest will bring. I just cannot wait to see, I am inspired and hungry to learn more. This can happen to you as well, Join our Rosh Chodesh Society and you too will be inspired. It is a gift waiting to be unwrapped and what you will find inside will change your life. Chanie puts an enormous amount of energy and wisdom into the teachings. This is my story which is just a small snippet of what is to come.

Come aboard with us and you too will have more energy, more joy and closeness to Torah and G-d that you never knew you had. I hope to see you at our classes. A time to learn and share and uplift one another, what could be better?

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Barbara wrote...

Merrill, thank you for mentioning what you learned about sleep and salvation at the Kaballah class on sleep. I missed that class so it is good to learn that we are 'born again' every night, that G-d blesses us while we sleep!