Tashlich & Shofar in the Park

  • Tashlich & Shofar in the Park

  • We’ve been tooting our own horn for over 3,000 years.

    And we’re pretty good at it.

    We Jews have been blowing the Shofar, a simple hollowed out ram’s horn, for thousands of years in celebration of Rosh Hashana, or the Head of the Year – also known as the birthday of humanity. No two people experience the Shofar in the same way. Some hear a battle cry, calling them to action. Others recall the innocence of their youth. Some hear a victory blast, that "Yes, I can overcome my obstacles." Others are freed from the painful tears they never dared cry. Some remember home. Others that it’s time to roam.

    If you could not make it to services to hear the Shofar in Synagogue, join us in the park as we perform the essential Mitzvah of the day. Bring in the new year with the call of the Shofar.

    Tuesday, September 7th, 5:00pm at the entrance to Ocean County College (Hooper Ave.)

    There will be a short Shofar blowing service, and then Tashlich.

  • Tuesday, September 7th, 5:00pm

    Location:  The entrance to Ocean County College (Hooper Ave.)

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