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We are proud to present our second season of Torah Studies classes for the year.

At Chabad, we value a deep, rich learning experience and we aim to provide this in an unequivocal way. This is why we have brought you a Torah Studies program of the highest caliber, developed by the world-renowned Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. The program brings you a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a weekly basis. Our lessons will engage you in a multidimensional way by challenging you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

The classes take place every Wednesday (during your lunch break) 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Feel free to look throughthe topics below, for all the fascinating topics coming your way.


Rabbi Moshe Gourarie

Class 2 Wednesday, January 15
WIIFM (What’s in It for Me?)
Striking the Balance for a Healthy Relationship
Is a happy marriage when I’m happy or when you’re happy? Is the point of religion to make us better people, or to indulge G‑d’s will? This ancient debate is rooted in the fiery drama of Sinai and then spills over into the rest of history. An inside look gives us insight into the perfect relationship.
Class 3 Wednesday, January 22
The Holiness of Hate
Does Loathing Have a Loving Side?
How can a religion of peace preach intolerance? Would a Torah that preaches kindness ask us to hate? We are forced us to reassess our notions of love and hate. Are the two incompatible? By examining the true engine of hate, we develop tools to turn it into a powerful love.
Class 4 Wednesday, January 29
Follow Your Heart
Finding Your Personal Path
It seems that Jewry is fractured: the academic Jew, the spiritual Jew, and the do-gooder Jew. Which one is more important? The seemingly archaic furniture of the Temple comes to life in this lesson, to help each of us find our path.

Wednesday, February 5

Rosh Chodesh Society class

Class 6 Wednesday, February 12
Happy Days
A Look at Jewish Joy
We are forever on the search for happiness but rarely do we find it. Can the Torah help us? This fascinating survey of key Jewish themes reveals that happiness, that elusive goal, is actually well within the reach of every human being.
Class 7 Wednesday, February 19
Sanctuary in Time
A New Outlook on the Workweek
Our days are divided into two opposing camps: the workweek and the weekend. One is for the grueling task of making ends meet, and the other is our time to relax and enjoy life. But does it have to be this way? This class builds a bridge between Shabbat and the rest of the week, granting deeper meaning to both.
Class 8 Wednesday, February 26
Blessed Beginnings
Are Birthdays Meaningless?
Judaism celebrates achievements and accomplishments. Birthdays celebrate beginnings and uncertainty. Can we reconcile the two? Can we have a birthday bash that would make Moses proud? The story of the evil Haman and his fatal mistake shows us how.

Wednesday, March 5

Rosh Chodesh Society Class

Class 10 Wednesday, March 12
Answering Anti-semitism
The Jewish Response to Prejudice
“The Jews don’t fit in. They’re different.” The historical accusation has merit, doesn’t it? Are we not different in beliefs, dress, and in myriad other ways? How do we answer this charge? In the Purim story, the paradigm of anti-semitism, we find the unexpected answer.
Class 11 Wednesday, March 19
Why Kosher?
Three Perspectives on the Jewish Diet
What meaning lies behind the aisles of kosher products? Is it more than primitive food hygiene? In a bizarre Talmudic tale we discover three explanations of kosher that highlight the impact of the enigmatic food code on our everyday lives.
Class 12 Wednesday, March 26
The Prenatal Academy
What Happens Before We’re Born?
What does a baby achieve while it’s in the womb? Does it affect the child’s future life? A journey into the mystery that surrounds this formative period reveals a surprising common ground between Jewish thought and Platonic philosophy.

Wednesday, April 2 

Rosh Chodesh Society Class

Class 14 Wednesday, April 9 
Lessons from Caesar
A Look at Jewish Leadership
In the Talmud, Moshiach is called Caesar. What does the Roman Emperor have to do with the Jewish Redeemer? A fascinating odyssey into ancient history and the future Messianic age uncovers a surprising model of leadership and personal growth.

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